How to Avoid Holiday Stuffing

The holiday season is fast approaching, and the first thing that comes to every ones mind is holiday weight gain, the seemingly unavoidable result of all of that holiday cheer.  But do not despair, all is not lost.  It is quite possible to have an amazing Thanksgiving, without the excess stuffing that often comes all with it.  Here are a few simple tips to keep you focused during these dietarily difficult times.

Start with Vegetables

This tip is great all year round, but does wonders when you are filling up your Thanksgiving plate.  Start adding your vegetables to your plate first.  Sure, the stuffing gets all of the holiday glory, but vegetables should always be your centerpiece of your food plate, with meat and starches rounding it out.  That brings us to tip 2!

Corn is NOT a Vegetable

I know its seems like one, and maybe it taste like one, but in your stomach, it acts like a grain.  Also, even though a potato is a vegetable, thanksgiving mashed potatoes may not be the best choice.  A roasted sweet potato is a much healthier choice.  Feel free to be sinful and and some butter.  Do try to add something green to your plate, brussel sprouts, string beans and brocolli are great holiday choices.   If you are horrified by the thought, try adding some bacon to the dish, or if even that doesn’t seem appealing, hold your nose, shove them in, and in time you will learn to love them.

Use a Smaller Plate

Don’t grab a gigantic plate and fill it until food is spilling onto the floor.  Grad a smaller plate, and try to let psychology do it’s thing.  You always go for seconds.

This is NOT a Professional Eating Challenge

You do not get a prize for eating so much that you almost pass out on your way to the couch. The food is not going anywhere.  There are ALWAYS leftovers.  Let them be leftovers.  Let your stomach live to fight another day.  Eat a reasonable portion, and celebrate the rest of the day in comfort, with your pants buckled.

Turkey is Your Friend

White meat, dark meat?  Who cares, it’s all good for you.  Don’t skimp, that’s why they sell 22lb turkeys.

It’s a Perfect Time for a Workout

Leverage those holiday carbs into some muscle building energy.  While I don’t recommend working directly after your Thanksgiving meal, Friday is the perfect time to use your stuffing fueled, glycogen filled muscles and lift some weights.  Use that extra energy to go big at the gym, and build some fat burning muscle.

These are just a few tips to keep you on the right track during the holidays.  Feel to let us know what you think, or add your own.