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A Better B-12 – What’s in Your Shot

People love getting B-12 shots because they notice a difference in how they feel – increased energy, decreased anxiety, better sleep, etc. If you experience these benefits, does it really matter what kind of B-12 shot you are getting? The answer is yes! The Types of B-12 Did you know that there are 3 [...]

A Better B-12 – What’s in Your Shot2016-12-03T17:54:14+00:00

My First Peel – One Man’s Journey

I have to say, I was somewhat excited when I found I was going to get a chemical peel.  Adventures are few and far between when you sit behind a computer screen for most of the day, and for a man, I would say a chemical peel is like the modern day equivalent to fighting [...]

My First Peel – One Man’s Journey2016-12-03T17:54:14+00:00

Tips For New Years Resolution Success

Another year, and another set of goals.  Don't let this years personal list of improvements fall into the resolution abyss.  Here are some simple tips to keep you on track. Be S.M.A.R.T. about it When creating your list of resolutions, don't just jot down some words on a napkin.  Make sure your goals are Specific, [...]

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Cannulas – Development in Technique and Safety

What is a Cannula? A cannula is a flexible, blunt tipped instrument that is used for injecting, whereas a needle is a sharp tool, that pierces the skin (see image on left).  This begs the question, if a cannula is blunt, how exactly is it used for injecting?  With a cannula, you must first [...]

Cannulas – Development in Technique and Safety2016-12-03T17:54:14+00:00